Thursday, February 3, 2011

MTV Presents Rep 4 Naija ft. Eldee, Naeto C, Meaku, MI, Black Twang, Dbanj & Sound Sultan

Rep For Naija is a song organized by MTV with the aim of encouraging young Nigerians to get involved in the voting process for the next presidential elections. The song features Eldee, Naeto C, Meaku, MI, Black Twang, Dbanj & Sound Sultan. Check it out. Enjoy DOWNLOAD



Timaya - Another Man Chop & All the Way

Ok am i dreaming or what, Timaya preparing a mixtape? ok am quiet! give it a listen


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2 Brand New Singles From StylPlus

I was able to scoop 2 new tracks from stylplus on the blogs, they are not too impressive but wit production from Jesse Jagz and Ty-Mix i hope it gets accepted by the public. Olufunmi has made the task too hard


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Sasha - Dont stop

if you were wondering where sasha has been then i think this song gives you a honest reply "looking for a star to carry her hook" so she decided to collaborate with the voice behind Ice price Oleku and MI's Action Film ( which am wondering why it hasn't blown up)


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Sheyman - My Money Freestyle

In the spirit of freestyle madness that has gripped terry g, timaya and a host of others, sheyman brings you a cleaner style of freestyle and is a worth listen


Lover by Omolara

Cool music from omolara, arguably one of the best vocals have heard in a while, please do give this a listen couldn't help to share with y'all


Briefcase By Pincode

New one from the guys that brought us Pincode
And as says...... Pincode burst onto the scene with their hit track “Pincode” which most people would remember for its catchy line; ‘Na,wetin be your Pincode oh,  I need the keys to your heart…’ and then they presented another reason to be seen as more than one-hit wonders when another single, Sharp Sharp produced by Mekoyo, off their debut album PINCODE FOR PREZIDENT became a certified club banger.

Pincode -Briefcase-Ft.-Spaydez

Valentine Spirit From Djinee

Love is in the air and i can’t find better songs to serve as theme songs for this year’s Valentine season than these two tracks from Djinee titled My Pillow and Thank You Feat. Lindsey.

Djinee - My-pillow
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