Friday, January 25, 2008

new jointz

Swizz Beatz - Hard Knocks ft. Drag-on
Danity Kane - Tip Toe
Kanye West - Flashing Lights Remix ft. R. Kelly
N.E.R.D. - Everyone Nose
Flo-Rida - Gotta Eat
TGT - Girlfriend

Courtsey aintgotnomusic

VA - Layzie Bone Presents Mo Thugs Soldiers [TbyT] - Album

1. Layzie Bone - Layzie Speaks
2. Layzie Bone - Layzie Bone Live
3. Layzie Bone And Mo Thug Soldiers - Live To Let Go
4. Bizzy Bone - Pray On Our Knees
5. Mo Thugs Soldiers - Mo Thug Anthem
6. Tupac And Nutso - Don't Sleep
7. Layzie Bone - Who Is It
8. Mo Thugs Soldiers - My Crew
9. Eve And Silky Fyne - I Need A Thug
10. Outlawz - We're Outlawz
11. Tragic And Wolf - Militant Minded
12. Mo Thugs Soldiers - Friends
13. Krayzie Bone And Mo Thug Soldiers/Quicc Cash - Break Em Down/Quicc Cash
Sammie (R&B)--"Catch 22" LISTEN/DL

Trey Songz (R&B)"Can't Help But Wait (Official Remix) Feat. Lil Wayne"LISTEN/DL

~MTB 4 (R&B)~~
"Got Me Going" [1st SINGLE] LISTEN/DL
Together" [Full Version] LISTEN/DL

Brandon Hines (R&B)100" LISTEN/DL

BK Feat. B5 - Take You Out LISTEN/DL

Foxy Brown (Rap)
"Star Cry" LISTEN/DL
"The Quan (Feat. Lady Saw)"LISTEN/DL

Murphy Lee (Dirty South)~~"Murph Derrty" LISTEN/DL

50 Cent (Rap)"You Ain't Crazy" LISTEN/DL

Taio Cruz [2 New Songs Of Departure] (R&B)
"I'll Never Love Again" LISTEN/DL
"I Don't Wanna Fall In Love" LISTEN/DL

Sean Kingston Feat. Juelz Santana & Elan Of The Dey -
There's NothinLISTEN/DL

Flo-Rida Feat. Francisco & T-Pain -
Low (Remix) Hot LISTEN/DL
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